Wednesday, 28 December 2016

notification letter.

Hi Dad
I am going to England for a month. I am going to go to London to visit the queen. I have booked a Hotel there. If you like you can come as well?


  1. Hi Justice,

    Wow! You've posted another blog already. Way to go! I am sure that your dad will really miss you while you're gone but I'm also confident that he'll be very excited for you. I wonder what your hotel will be like. I hope that it is very close to Buckingham Palace so that you can go and visit the Queen one day. There are a number of really interesting buildings that you can tour in downtown London, including a clock tower called 'Big Ben.' You can also tour a number of churches, including the church where Prince William recently got married. It is called Westminster Abbey. It's pretty spectacular!

    Keep up the great work, Justice!


  2. Justice you get to visit the Queen? I had no idea you were so important, sir. Please forgive my informal English from before.

    I wonder where you would like to visit. Rachel has mentioned some really cool places to visit, but may I suggest the Tower of London? You might want to find out what's in it.

    Great work today,