Monday, 9 January 2017

My favourite subject

My favourite subject is maths. Maths is my favourite subject because I am best at it and it is cool so learning things. Also maths is science and I like science so I think that maths is cool.


  1. Hey Justice!

    What happened? I just finished commenting on your last blogs and BAM some new ones showed up!

    Great work yet again. Maths is also one of my favourite subjects. I'm not the best but I love learning about it still. I find it very interesting. And you're right that it is connected very closely to science and is a science itself!

    kia kaha,


    1. Hi Mark Barlow thats cool. well you should never give up.

  2. Hi Justice,

    Wow, Mark was just telling me that you've been really busy with your blogging. He is struggling to keep up with you! It's wonderful to see your commitment. It's also really cool to learn about your favourite subject. You are the first person this summer to report that their favourite subject is maths.

    I really like maths, too. In fact, I studied maths and science in high school and then continued with my science learning at university. My favourite science subject is Biology and, a few years ago, I trained as a science (and Health/Physical Education) teacher in Canada. I then moved to England to teach science and I really enjoyed it!

    I hope that you will continue with your science and maths learning. Perhaps one day you might choose to train as a teacher, too...

    Keep up the great work, Justice. We love your blogging!!

    Rachel (and Mark) :)

    1. WOW! I was planing on studying this things as well. that is rely cool.

    2. Wow! That is really cool! I hope that you continue to study science and maths. You'll really love it, I think!

      Cheers, Rachel