Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My First CV

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School: ptengaland




Country:new zealand

What are your interests?

  • I like to use computers for learning.
  • I like to play in team sports.
  • I like playing individual sports.
  • I enjoy reading & writing

  • I like drawing, art or music
  • I enjoy helping my friends and others

What responsibilities have you had?

Highlight your answers

  • I help look after my younger family members.
  • I do chores at home.
  • I do well in school.
  • I behave in a way which sets a good example for others.

What is your best subject at school?

Highlight 1 answer

  • I do well in reading and writing.
  • I do well in maths.
  • I do well in Kiwisport.
  • I do well in Creative Space & Makerspace.
  • I do well in many different subjects.

Please choose 3 Pavilion Jobs you would like

  1. wiper
  2. messenger
  3. milk man

Why should your teachers hire you?

I am a responsible and i no hawe to clean TVs and safe

Do you agree to this statement...

I promise that if given any Pavilion Job, I will perform to the best of my abilities. I will not let it interfere with my school work. I understand that I can be fired from my job if there is a problem.

If you agree to this statement; yes
Type your name here: kahurangi

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