Friday, 29 May 2015

Mr bald fase

Strolling along licking his fingers  Mr bald face said  “What a great lunch. I am feeling content.”

Glancing around and noticed a tower of boxes balanced precariously and a strange metal box. He tried to push it bat it wouldn't budge.

He climbed up the tower of boxes  then he jumped off. First he landed on the shiny box then bounced off and crashed landed on the ground. He saw a shiny possibly dangerous red button underneath the box. Hesitating one or two times  then throwing caution out the window he pressed it anyway.
Suddenly there was a strange whirring sound. The box started spinning rapidly than his tie got sucked in like it was a tie magnet. Desperately tryng to get it out his feet started to get sucked in too. He disappeared completely  “Oh no,” he thought. Then his hand came out but it got sucked back in.

With a whirring and spinning again the shiny box spat out a box with ties on it.  With a fizzing noise it turned into a box just like the other boxes.   :(

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