Saturday, 13 January 2018

summer learning journey week 2 day 4 #1

Another World War

Event One
Operation Market Garden
Dates: 17-27 September 1944
Key People: United Kingdom Field Marshall Montgomery, United States First Allied Airborne Army, United Kingdom British XXX Corps.

Operation Market Garden was part of a strategy to capture German industrial areas. The First Allied Airborne Army was to seize bridges and the British XXX Corps. were to re-enforce them via land. Operation Market Garden freed almost all of Holland but did not reach all of  there goals because the British Airborne units at Arnhem did not get the reinforcements because they were delayed by German troops.  The British paras were supposed to hold the bridge for 12 hours but because of the delay they ended up holding it for 5 days but this was not enough.

Event two 
Date: 6th June 1944
Key People:United Kingdom Winston Churchill, United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, United Kingdom Bernard Montgomery,  
United StatesOmar Bradley, United Kingdom Miles Dempsey, United Kingdom Trafford Leigh-Mallory, United Kingdom Bertram Ramsay, 
United Kingdom Arthur Tedder, Nazi Germany Erwin Rommel, Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler.

British, American and other allied forces stormed the heavily defended French coastline,  beginning the invasion of main land Europe. It was bloody battle and lots of people died. Although different groups of troops experienced different levels of resistance, the invasion was a success.  

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  1. Hey there Justice, wow you've done a terrific job with this activity! Where did you find the flags and the pictures to accompany your writing?

    These battles are difficult to imagine. It almost seems like another world. Have you seen many war movies? Do you have any relatives that were involved in any of the world wars? My grandfather was served in world war 2 for six years, and survived thankfully.

    Thanks Justice, amazing work!