Sunday, 22 January 2017

My garret TV show at the moment

The name of the TV show is Gravity falls it is about two kids that go on summer vaycayshon to gravity falls then really that lots of weed stay happens there there most evil bad guy is is bill chipper


  1. Hi Justice,

    I enjoyed reading about your favourite TV show - Gravity. Is it on every day of the week? It sounds pretty entertaining! I think that my son, Aronui, would really like it. He enjoys shows where the good guys have to defend themselves against an evil villain (bad guy). What does Bill Chipper do that makes him so evil? Is he a scary villain?

    I hope that you've had a good start to your year! See you at Pt England very soon. I'm going to come in to hand out the certificates and prizes for the Summer Learning Journey within the next few weeks.

    See you then!

    Rachel :)