Thursday, 6 December 2018

king of food

we have made a crown out of cutlery. It represents the dead kings & queens. we did it because it was a cool idea.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

burning a teabag

Today in maths miss stone lit a empty tea bag on fire as the air heated up it got more energy when in had burnt down it flew up. this is because heat rises. The air in side of the tea bag was hotter than the air out side of it so it rose up in the air.

Monday, 3 December 2018

How You Can Prepare For The Cross Country

How You Can Prepare For The Cross Country

This is a piece of writing that will help year 4’s at Pt England. If you are a year 4 at Pt England you will probably know that next year you will be running 1.5km. And this piece of writing will help you.

One way you can do to prepare for cross country is to train your endurance. To do this you need to run/jog for as long as you can. Around the block, go to the Panmure basin, or to the yacht club and back. All of those things will help you run/jog for a longer period of time.

Another way you can prepare for cross country is to run the distance. For example if you are running 1.5km while you trane you run that distents. when I was training for cross country I didn't run the whole distance so it was more of a challenge than it could have been.

Finally you need not only to prepare physically but mentally. To do this you need to do some positive self talk. Witch is saying things to yourself like ‘I can do this’ and  ‘keep going’.

So that's how I think you should train for the cross country. Train your endurance so you can run for more time. Run the distance so it's not as hard, last but not least  positive self talk.     Until next time.

Brooden Beerbourbon ©️

Quetico provincial park, three weeks after Francis brandywine was ‘murdered’ by her ‘family’ for being a ‘moody’ teen’ At this presumed Quetico provincial park  but I know that it was some kind of alien so I'm going there this weekend  with my family.

I am brooden Beerbourbon we have just arrived at the lake were she was ‘stabbed to death with a ciggy’ we are just setting up the tent now. I will go out on the lake in the morning and stay out there all day and night just to make sure that there's something there.

I got the boat out of the harber and started rowing I rowed for about 50 minutes and 28 seconds oh by the way I’m only 14.2 years old. I’m out on the lake I bought a measuring tape that is  300 meters long and poot it all the way out so it should reach the bottom of the lake. I’ve stopped the tape is being pulled into the water by something I’m sure that it’s just a fish but I begin to doubt myself at this point there have been lots of strange noises coming from the water, and now I wait.

I waited for 4 hours and suere enuf there was a knock on the bottom of the boat like a bee flying in to a window in the same sekwens as a friendly person tick tick tick. I was scared now but that could have been anything, a fish, a rock that had been thrown up by something, so I’m that bother at this point, it’ll be fiiiine.

A few hours past and nothing has happened I’ve caught a few fish thought. 10 minutes past than 20 then 30 and 50, I was starting to get confident that there was nothing there now but before I could finish the thought there was a knock again but this time louder more like a bird this time knock, knock, knock. This creeped me out and I shouted into the water is “There anyone there” 12 seconds past and then there as an answer “hi may nam e frood, do ye wut be frunds. Me lon ly. Plez.” “ahh Ok”

And with that there were no more mysterious disappearances in Quetico provincial park and the monster and our friend lived happily ever after.

I wrote a story vagely telling wat hapent to Francis and there you have it it was just lonely 

Writing for an Audience

Task: in this task we had to make ads to word a target audience. The thing we were advertising was strawberry milk.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Astria game play

to day the Y 7 & 8 extenuation group played  Astria count down to impact. it is a really cool game and we played it with a partner, my partner was Deavey. it is a great game and if I  had to rate how we collaborated with my partner it would be 5/5.

Monday, 19 November 2018



War. War is a controversial topic. And I want to talk about it. This is probably none of my business and I don’t get a say. And apparently…’W-A-R’ is never ever the answer and we should all become pacifists. And it is in this regard that I think that you are all wrong. Now I understand that war kills tens of thousands of people now and when there were no guns. Okay now let us go back in time to the 1400’s or more. Back then especially in europe there were wars left and right one example is the battle of Agincourt were the vastly outnumbered english like by 20,000-30,000  fought the french, and I believe they won (the english not the french). Back to now I would say most people are for  war, now war is not a new concept that started in the early 20th century, it is very old and should not be despised upon humans are naturally greedy and want to kill each other, same as other animals. I would say that war is one of the many things that make us human and without them, there would be one supreme leader  that would overlook us all and like in America each country would be a state and then each state would have big cities and so on. So good on them I say.