Friday, 16 February 2018


How to save money. Lots of people have trouble with money consequently they don't have much. So in this piece of writing I will tell you some ways to save some.  

First you should have some kind of saving process. For example some kids have piggy banks so is you are an adult than you could put it in a normal bank actually you could even have a piggy bank. This will give you less money to spend  on stuff you need but will give you more the more you put in.

Now you should stick to a strict budget this will give you more money to spend on special thing like kids birthdays and stuff like that. Like $100 - $200  on food this will save you money.

Next don’t use lots of power if you do, this will make you bill lots of money hence wasting it. So only go on the computer for important stuff and watch TV for 2h or less daily as long as  we're on the topic you should probably try to use less water too also save money on bills.

That's all i’m going to say in this piece of writing. Hope that this advice helped have a good day.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

swift playground.

This week we did this and this one was hard in the time I had.  We are learning to code with apple’s swift playground. Commands and sequences. It’s fun. This one is going to be hard.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

number patern

for this task we colerd in the paterns (v)  prime numbers are red 2 s are ()  squares of 4 are ()  groups of 3 are green 6 s are () 
here we say what is what. not form here on ^

Monday, 12 February 2018

Thursday, 8 February 2018

first post of school 2018

Hi this is my first post at school hope you liked your holiday. I am in room 1 home and literacy class and room 4 math class. The first week of school was amazing and my and my friends are in the same class. We have been learning to make the numbers 1 - 20 with fore fores, and about the Trinity of Waitangi the first thing we did was in our home and was art we did our own number plaits. On the 7/2/18 There was a Duffy Assembly. The message was not to bully people.

p.s: My little brother has started school now.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 3 day 1 #1

It was common for women in the 1950s to stay home with their children and raise their family. They were called ‘housewives.’ Many housewives followed a simple rule when they prepared the evening meal: the ‘meat and three veg’ rule. This meant that they prepared dinners that included three different vegetables and a type of meat (eg. beef, lamb, or chicken).

On your blog tell us if you think that the ‘meat and three veg’ rule is a good one. Do you like the rule? Would you enjoy eating a typical 1950s dinner? Why or why not?

Yes, Yes and yes. I like all  land meat and all vegetables so I would like that. also its dinner so its yum and food. 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey week 2 day 5 # 2

In the years following World War II, things slowly returned to normal in New Zealand. Soldiers returned home and settled back into regular life; and national sporting teams, like the New Zealand cricket team, got back together and started playing matches again. In the late 1940s, men and women would go to watch these events, men wearing hats and suits and women wearing dresses, hats, and gloves.
Compare the pictures of common clothing from the late 1940s to what you wear now (i.e. in 2017). Are they similar or are they quite different? On your blog tell us which of the two styles you prefer and why. The pictures above were taken over 65 years ago! What do you think people will be wearing 65 years from now?

I like there clothing more because it looks beater in my apinyin.

in 65 years I thingk that people will be wearing kinda the same thing but with less fabrik because its probaly going to be hotter than it is now.