Monday, 7 December 2015

justice leafusorus

The Leafsorus is a omnivor and it lives in the woods of the cenozoic period. Leafsorus lives in the woods because it is green and braun. It had a lifespan of 150 years.

paragraph 1:
Leafsorus was 800 meters hay so it didn't have many predators. It also is 400 meters in width if a Dinosaur bid kill it you would have a big fide ha ha. The Leafsorus was a very fast Dinosaur it code run up to 3000.50 mph.

paragraph 2:
It got its name because it looks like a leaf. The Leafsorus looks like a leaf so it can be kamoflash in the trees. and it haunts in the grass so it is also kamo in the grass.

paragraph 3:
The Leafsorus has three colors on each hand allowing it to pike up bon,pants and flesh. Its arms are 55 meters long and 27.50 meters wide.The Leafsorus’s colors are a holl meter long and 110 centimeters wide.

paragraph 4:
Leafsorus’s jaw is 6.50 meters hay 4 meters wide and 7 meters long. The Leafsorus’s tith are 1.25 meters high and 1 meter wide. Its tith have poison on the outside of them so if it does not kill the Dinosaur it will still dai.

paragraph 5:
Its tail is very small it looks like a bee singer bat it is very daindres. The Leafsorus has poison and it is made out of molten stile. The tail also has asiad on it so it can defend itself from predators (ha ha ha). It can use its tail to kill is pray.

So the Leafsorus is one of the best of the best Dinosaur ever to exist. It is still around today mining it survived the kt extinction event. It will always be her.