Thursday, 16 November 2017

athletics day

Walt: using descriptive language

Dear helpers thanks for helping with Athletics day. was fun and I enjoyed it heaps.

Athletics day was friday the 10th of November. When we got to school we lied up on  the hard cort in year bla boys and year bla girls. Then we went to the rotary shons.

My favourite part was when we played dodge ball. When it was my team's turn  I was the last one standing. It was fun but it was kinda hard.

I think that next year will be like the same as this year. Because it was the same last year but the rotations were in a different order.

It was fun I guess but some of it was boring and I learned… nothing. Overall it was good.

Task Description: last week we did athletics day. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Writing

Walt: use adjectives to improve our descriptive writing.

Have you played music before? Well today we had an immersion assembly at school, were the teachers told us what they were going to do this term. I’m looking forward to it!

This term the school theme is musical madness, which is all about music. All the different teams are doing similar things but not the same thing. We all watched teams 1-5 do there performances’ team one played snap with music playing and it made them feel different depending on the music, team two  played in the jungle, team three had a conversation with mostly music, team five did move and also did emotions.

Team 4’s move was like a apple music add! Mr goodwin, Mr Somerville, Miss parrant, Mrs buchanan, Miss west and Miss scanlan were commuting to school and listening to different music tracks. When the song changed so did the driver, when they got  to school they were listening to te wairua and Mr jacobson was in his van and sowe them being silly. At the end Mr jacobson was listening to a song and wind down the window. Team 4’s topic is all about making music and instruments.

I want to listen to rock music some time in this term, that would good. I hope that we can go to a concert but that is unlikely but possible. I also want to make music. This term is going to be fun.

I think that this term is going to be fun but it is not my favorite thing to learn about. This should be fun


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

my shoes

 I made my shoes like this so they are camo and I have my name on them so they don't get lost


Hi this is my Team 4 Holiday blogging logo. I was going for the N.A.S.A loop but this is good. the smiley face is for fun and the rest was to make it look beter

Monday, 25 September 2017

beware of ads

watch out for ads they can be bad. 

Today we learnt to beware of ads on the web. They can try to get your info,or trick you into buying stuff  

you can even find ads on cool math games
watch out to all  

Thursday, 21 September 2017

3rd Paideia Seminar

I think I did OK.well beter s last time atleast becuase I did not speek as much.but this mens that I had lots of ideas in my head. ather than that I did good.

Alien Descriptions

Walt: use describing words when writing character descriptions

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Monday, 18 September 2017


WALT: structure a recount
On Thursday the 14th of  September we went to star dome. I was in the sume group as my
Friend Deavay and my step sister Then, we went to star dome because we’re learning about space. Have you gone to stardom before?

After we got off the bus we went to the playground on ( there is more than one tree on) one  tree hill. I climbed on those thing that is like a spider web. I wondered then climbed a tree and stayed there until it was time to go in.

When we went in to the stardome it was cool and kinda dark. When we went in we got ten mins to look at all of the things in the gallery, there wasn't enough time to look at things in my opinion. We did a quiz and it was kinda hard because it was a big rush.

In the movie we watched was about a man and a girl who went to space to find a planet to live on. The room’s roof was a bill to spin around and it was kinda trippy but it was cool. Thay went to the moon titan,europa and another moon but I forgot. It was fun!

I lend that one of the first men in space when he came back he landed in a farmer’s field. We sorer two asteroids  from mars and some were else I forgot a gen they were small. The Last thing I learned  that I can remember was that there is a hook in the sky

Task Description: on Thursday we went to star dome. then we did a recount about it.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Task Description: We went to Stardome and did this presentation. it was easy.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

mars one

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: We Lenard about mars one, and did this presentation. There was lots of reading to do and I did it. It was hard and easy at the some time.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Mars one Astronaut

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description: Fill in an image on pixlr editor to make our character. write what his name is, how old he is, whats his country, what is his languages and his skills. write a reason for him to join the mars one project.s55e    

Cross Country

Last Friday the 1st of September we did a cross country run. It was hot and muddy at the same time, I didn't like it. Have you done a cross country run before?

After lunch we lined up outside the class and went to the court. We sat down on the hot cort and wait. Me and my friend played chopsticks. It was boring and fun at the same time. Then mrs nua said for the 6 boys to line up and we did.

We were lined up and waited I got nervous and started shaking. The clappers went and we ran as fast as I could till I got to the 2nd cone then I Jogged for the rest of the time it was muddy. I came 7th to 9th, I think I did good!

After the run we went to class and sat on the mat and wait to go home. After that we got lollies from mrs Scanlan I got lemon flavor.  My dad got me and my brother from the front of the school.

I can jog more and maybe not get tired. That there are lots of fast people in the school, I am not one of them. It was fun and good for us.

Task description: on the 1st of September we did a cross Country run. Then we did a recount. it was kinda hard for me but I got it do and I think it is good.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


I can improve by leting other people do more and incrge them to do more. Also 
 Contribute more to the protect. Do  more Planning & Research for the begining.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Picture Book - Solar System

8 people 8 planet this is their adventures.  Their names are Jeremy,Menes, Tarz,A father, some won who was latern, A man with an anus.

Thay went to the ship 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast off to martoff the earth is to smelly and it's not that jolly.

Jeremy went to mercury it is very hot this is the closest of the lot. Can I live her or not!

Menes went to venus this is the 2nd planet it is the hottest. Can I live or not!

Hay its earth it is the 3rd planet  I don't need to go there I already live there.

Tarz went to mars and to eat lots of mars bars. Then he became a fat lard can he live or not.

A father went to jupiter and the moment he said I can Ilive her there's no grund. Can he live her or not

Some wan how was latern went to saturn. “This pase looks good its ring are pretty. But there is no ground so can I live her or not.

A man with an anus went to Uranus. It is so sid ways it is on its side. There's no ground so I haven found a place to live can I live here or not

A man with a spoon went to Neptune. This is a nice blue planet could I live here or net… oh I forgot there's no ground here ether.

Image result for the solar system“Well we now now that earth is the way to go altho it is smelly  and it is jolly.

Friday, 11 August 2017


 Mr Burt chose this for the korero Because it is a good one. there is also song that the tall Mr J wrote. there are lots of moves that we have done to go with it.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Post Card Activity - Template

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task description: For this task we had to wright a post card to someone about a planet I chose Mars as my planet.

Earths Solar System - Drawing

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

task description: In this task we made a thing of the solar system that was not to scale.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Problem Solving Practice Term 3 Wk 2

Walt: solve decimal problems


Visiting your Solar system

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources.

Task description: This term we are learning about space. on this task we had to tel Gorgon    about the solar system.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


last term the 6 five & six extension had another prayer seminar.  There were 5-6 groups I was in the sintits group with Deavay. I was the person how sead the most altho we said nothing about what we wrought. I think that we need more time and more looles.

I learnt that some people can be nice to me. The seminar was good but some people need to speak more  but that is all. I think it was good but could be better. Some people did something and I said some thin to it.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Survivor Challenge

Facts about Space

Space Narrative

We have been in space for three years now it is 4020 (flash back) WOOW WOOW “We need to go to another planet” “We will go” “Good the earth is dying nothing will grow  you must go NOW!” “fine only if I can bring some pigs?” “GO GO GO”.  “OK Deavay  let's go” 10 mins later “This is mission control plast of in 10… 9… 8...  7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0……………………… blast off. The ship is almost indestructible and has lost of fuel kaspate and low fuel consumption. The jets were sabil and fast. There is a E.M.P jet canon it’s a guns the shoots lost of homing missiles that cut of all power of the ship and plasma miniguns on each side.

Look a planet” “WOW!” SHHHHHH DOOM “We have landed air lock engaged” SHHH KIFF the planet is is good the air levels are good we can breath fine there is life here. “Look at all of these trees”  those aren't trees ther black with pink leaves” “onik”... “mooo” “buk buk” “baa”.  Now we must build… 10 years later, SHHH OMMM… SHHH OM  SSSSAAAA KKKKOOOOOOOM “kign nad gging kif dlag dalg ga ga ga ga ga ga!!” “translate…  this is a good planet we should live here and kill all things that are all reby here hahahahahaha!?”

“we must defend” “man the fort” “get the weapons the ship l we must defend” said a justice while getting a Plasma Minigun and a E.M.Ps Jet cannon, Justice and deavay ran outside and shot the E.M.P jet cannon and disabled there guns. Then shot them all with his Plasma minigun while deavay shot a E.M.P at the aliens ship but behind it were more aliens. Justice and Deavay kept shooting E.M.Ps at the enemy's forces ships but some aliens survived the fall of the aliens was not in vain they were made for war all those who survived were…  killed with no mercy.

There was one more ship and it was the mother ship before Justice and Deavay could shoot a E.M.P at it but no. the ship landed and hundreds of aliens came out with lots of  guns guns I say and their leader came out as well. They knew what to do they shoot a scud missile  and it blue them of the phase of the planet. We won  “yaaaaaay yaaaaaaaaaaay” they seid in a sarcastic tone.

Like we do on earth. We will populate it, and kill it and live. We will build homes then gather more things and build more homes.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

NZ facks

NZ people are a variety of different cultures!Today, of the 4.4 million Kiwis, approximately 69% are of European descent, 14.6% are Native Māori, 9.2% Asian and 6.9% non-Māori Pacific Islanders! Over one third of the population lives in Auckland and over 3/4 of the population lives in the north island!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How Technology Has Change Over Time

Walt: summarise and reflect on what we have learned.

Task description: 1. A summary is a short disruption of something. That can not have your a pinyin or its not a summary. It can be as short as you like. 2. We used screencastuify to record a video and the video is the me saying things.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Reflection of the producktion

The year 5 & 6 extension group did a production. I was a character for it I was in the future scenes and I was a light and sound persun and I was the boss of making sound effects and music and my friend deavay was in my group so was AJ. I think that there was a few things that could have been better like in senes 2 Bethan had no phone and in senes 3 she has a phone waaaa? And I thought that there should have been sume more props then there was and in senes 5 the sense that I was in the should have been a rock because I say “have you been sleeping under a rock”.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Create your own Kayak

Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.
I think that this kayak will be good for people who like to fish in kayaks. I think that this kayak will be good for people who like to fish in kayaks.
Task description: We disdained our own kayak. Then say who will buy the kayak.

Friday, 2 June 2017

my Waka

Food review

The Snowy mountain chocolate it was good and  if I could I would eat it most of the time.

The product is a part of the cadbury brand. This particular one is the top deck chocolate it has two different flavors of chocolates milk chocolate and white chocolate on the top. It is $3.99 at most shops.

It smelt like normal chocolate with a little scent of creamy milk. The bottom was rough and looked smooth as was the top. It was as if it was pined brown on the bottom and white on the top. It was  good but I am not a dig fan of white chocolate. So it wasn't the best.

I think the if I could improve the chocolate would make it bigger for the consumer to have more of  the flavor. I would give it a ⅗ stars it was pretty good.

Yes I would recommend this chocolate to other people to eat. It was very good.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

40 Hour Famine

I have created my own donation page for the 40 hour famine. I am giving up food for 40 hours and hope to raise $100 for children in Syria. Check out my web page here. If you do donate please leave me a message so I know that you have donated and thank you!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dear Diary

Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task description: We right a diary entry from the prospective of two different people.


Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Waking up sand in my eyes is it a dream or not. Go back to sleep I hope go home, it’s not a dream! I get up wark a round I’m scared and hungry  I see lots of palm trees lots and lots of palm trees luscious green leaves glim gray rooks, crabs hundreds of crabs I’m standing in rocks wait they are moving their crabs.

Now I must build a shelter. I have an idea I need logs big logs, and sticks hay look heaps of sticks, frons for the roof, moss for the floer and blankets. It’s going to be a long day.

Wow I’m hungry I need some food. Himmmm I know I’ll make a net. I’ll make it out of long sticks and vines I’ll tie the vines to the sticks. Now I will go and find a river and lay the trap. I’ll need more than just fish. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I know the crabs on the beach. Now I need a large stick to smack them with the put them on the fire.

I have a plan it is to… do… NOTHING and wait till a lightning storm comes. Hey look a storm flash… flash boom… boom. The island is on fire now thay can’t miss this. My plan was the best.

I climb the mountain  on the far side of the island. At the top I see… an island with people on it, hey hey hey over here over here. When thay get here thay say ”how are you”  I am um juice tis… just ice… Justice… Justice yea. Mmmmmmmmm now go away leave me alone.

Task description: We had to wight wat we would to if we were stranded on a deserted island.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Travel Past vs Present

Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task description: witting the difensis in haw we would travail to Samoa of NZ. We also did how long it would take o get to the different pleases going the different things. What would we do on the trip.  

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Fishing Time

Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task description: mace losers for the fish.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly

Walt: using exciting language.

Today we went to the term two Immersion assembly and found out what team 4 is learning about and the school the topic is now that's thinking. It was very interesting as interesting as time. It also took along time. This was very exciting.

As I said earlier the school topic is now that’s thinking. Team 1-3 are looking at kits and old teknowledge of kits and how to make them. But team 5 is doing something different thay are doing an amazing Bob the builder topic and are going to be fixing things that could be better around the school. Team 4 is looking at what kind of tek did the Maoris have befor pakeha came to New Zealand.

Team 4 is learning about what kind of teknowledge did the maoris have befor Pakeha arrived in New Zealand. Thay conversation in the library about it.The move was about how the teachers thot back in time to the things thay had  thay had when thay were kids. Some of them found out lots of interesting things like the light bald wasn’t even invented till 1998 of sumthin. It was hilarious at times like when Mr goodwin suggested to  make a flackskomasetor for awer dilorin time mashin and the ads were also funny.

I would like to learn how the maori do things with the teknologie thay had and how it has changed over time. Also I hope we learn about some other things as well like the teknologie the pakeha had back then as well. How thay documented thing and haw thay did the thing we do now like cook things. How thay hunted and what kind of weapons thay had.  

I like it the topic is like my favorite thing I love teknologie it is the best. Overall I like the topic now That's Thinking. It sounds like it is going to be fun and interesting.

Task description: To wight a recount about the Immersion Assembly.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Toadstool Facks

There's no real, scientifically accepted difference between a mushroom and a toadstool, and the terms can sometimes be used interchangeably to refer to the same types of fungus. However, in common, non-scientific usage, the term “toadstool” is more often given to those fungi that are poisonous or otherwise inedible.
Some good rules apply for avoiding poisonous mushrooms if you are a novice;
  1. Avoid mushrooms with white gills, a skirt or ring on the stem and a bulbous or sack like base called a volva. ...
  2. Avoid mushrooms with red on the cap or stem. ...
  3. Finally don't consume any mushrooms unless you are 100% sure of what they are.

The Beach

One day wile I was in bulls me and my family went to the  beach with baby Ayla is my cousin as you can see in the photo. I got to care her in the
front pack. It was fun.

feeding Ayla

I gave baby Ayla some din-dins one night it was kinda hard. She kept on turning her head to one said.

Huka Falls

On the 21st of April on the way to bulls we went to Huka (troth) falls. The water is  like snow or ice it was like there was no water at all it was all whit and whit as you can see in the photo. Claim said that if you fell in you would not come up the water is too strong. Did you know that Around 220,000 litres per second of pours over the cliff face, and then rushes under a pedestrian bridge

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Riding On The Mower

Today me and my Brother are riding on my Granddad's mower . It is so fun my favourite part of it is  driving with my little Brother riding in the sled in the photo you can see this. I go as fast as I can as much as possible it is fun. I go through my grandmas kiwi fruit orchard. All the way to the back of it where I do lots of turning around all the humps (which is just a lot  of dirt with avocado trees growing out of them)

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Happy Easter


Hi this is my last post of the term. I will probable be blogging in the holidays. My highlight of this term was having Mr Goodwin as a Teacher a second time.

13 Apr 2017 10:50:21.jpg

ecosystem of an estuary

Task ecosystem of an estuary.

The ecosystem of an  estuary is the group of things that live in an estuary and all have a roll. So for example it could be heat from the sun heats the water. The the heated water provides a good plays to live for algae to grow and the algae will a tracked shrimp and small fish. the small fish will a tracked bigger fish and birds. Also trees will grow on the bucks of the and bugs will live there and also a tracked birds.

This is the script of the move that is not done yet.
Image result for estuary

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Friday, 7 April 2017

Eating Insects

WALT: write a recount using descriptiv lungueg
Today we ate crickets. I thought that it was going to be a normal Thursday in class but it wasn't.  Mrs Stickland as promised showed up with a healthy protein snack… crickets
I had 3 and I thought that it didn't taste bad but I guess knowing that it was a  cricket it was gagishis.I Was the one of the last people to have one in my group Deavay had a leg. Lepa cried  when he had his first one. It was funny.
It was a good experience. I would do it again but I would like it more if I didn't know that they were crickets.
Task description:we had to make a recount about us eating crickets.