Friday, 29 May 2015

Crosing the tens

Mr bald fase

Strolling along licking his fingers  Mr bald face said  “What a great lunch. I am feeling content.”

Glancing around and noticed a tower of boxes balanced precariously and a strange metal box. He tried to push it bat it wouldn't budge.

He climbed up the tower of boxes  then he jumped off. First he landed on the shiny box then bounced off and crashed landed on the ground. He saw a shiny possibly dangerous red button underneath the box. Hesitating one or two times  then throwing caution out the window he pressed it anyway.
Suddenly there was a strange whirring sound. The box started spinning rapidly than his tie got sucked in like it was a tie magnet. Desperately tryng to get it out his feet started to get sucked in too. He disappeared completely  “Oh no,” he thought. Then his hand came out but it got sucked back in.

With a whirring and spinning again the shiny box spat out a box with ties on it.  With a fizzing noise it turned into a box just like the other boxes.   :(

Friday, 15 May 2015


On a cloudy night the lake was gently lapping against the bank. In a small clearing in a wood a small boy called Jimmy was roasting marshmallows. A monster swam with stealth up out of the lake and crept up behind Jimmy. Jimmy turned around and saw the monster! It had shiny yellow eyes and green scales.

 Trying to defend himself Jimmy held out his marshmallow on a stick. Instantly the monster transformed into acting like a dog. He shot out his tongue and gobbled up the first marshmallow! The monster stood on his tail and did a ballet twirl and rolled over to get the second marshmallow. Jimmy pulled the third and last marshmallow out of the bag and the monster ate it out of his hand.

”Oh no” Jimmy thought as he cautiously held out his hand with the last marshmallow out in it. The monster ate the last marshmallow, slurping it out of Jimmy’s hand. The crocodile like monster waited expectedly for another marshmallow and then it realized that there was no more. The monster reverted back into a vicious man eating monster! Jimmy instantly turned and ran but stumbled and fell. Crawling towards his tent and Jimmy grabbed a pillow. He used it like a shield. Happily the monster grinned. Jimmy threw the pillow away then ran away. The monster tried to roast the pillow then it incinerated.

Friday, 1 May 2015


I was disappointed because the picnic was cancelled.My bag was to hevy and Idedent laice it.


In the pitch black before dawn broke at the Auckland museum  thousands of people came together for the dawn parade. Crowds gathered as the sun rose in the morning. With respect every one stood silently as a man played The Last Post on the bugle. At the end every one went home to the sound of bagpipes.


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File:Anzac memorial.JPGAvgustovska ofenziva[uredi

Lage von GallipoliIn turkey
What happened there was a war.

In the story, think about what the little girl means when she says, “He marches for all his friends who cannot march.  He marches for us.”?

It means he marches for the people who died in the war.