Monday, 23 March 2015


Yesterday the year 4's went to Motat on old school bus,to learn about exciting inventions. Eventually I got a chance to explore the mirror maze. When I strolled through the pump house I got a piece of black coal. In the village prison cell there was a very very very freaky man, he looked dead and he was staring at me. The earthquake cafe.

Criteria for an Effective Paragraph
Par 1
Par 2
Par 3
Par 4
Par 5
⚈ Start with a topic sentence.

⚈ Have at least 2-3 connected sentences.

⚈ Have sentences that are effective that
  1. have varied beginnings

    b.  have juicy vocab e.g action/describing  words

    (c) grammatically correct

  (d) punctuated correctly.

(Think of 1 or 2 things that you need to to focus on next time, to make sure your paragraphs are effective.)
Next time I  need to ….