Wednesday, 25 November 2015

T- Rex Note Taking

The Tyrannosaurus rex was a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period about 85 million years ago. It  was a large  dinosaur and  a carnivore. The  Tyrannosaurus rex lived in warm places in forest near water.

                                                            How it looked after it’s of f-spring:

The Tyrannosaurus rex isn't just a  vicious predator it is also a caring mother. A dinosaur no matter how big  always starts of small.  The T-rex babies are cared like few others in the cretaceous period. When the eggs hatch the babies is vulnerable to pretimach everything.  When you're a babe of a  predator ever wane  wants to kill you. Because they see you  as a threat to their savaivil.

T-rex was one of the biggest  carnivores ever to exist. There are two other dinosaurs sath as the spainososas and the giganotosaurus. The  Tyrannosaurus rex waid about 6 tons it was 6 meters tall and 12  meters long. Its arms are sort it also had a long tail  it's  gore was 1.2 meters long and it has three tos like a bird

The Tyrannosaurus rex has the smell of 100 blood hauns all dacktaipt together. Allso  the T-rex’s nostrils ar a full 10 inches apart decos  it allows them to small steroids so they can eyebentafay a sent of any dinosaur just by smelling it. Tyrannosaurus rex has the best sense of smell than any animal extinct or alive when it smells the information goes to the  brain so it nose wot it is  smelling.

When I was doing my writing about the T-rex I lernt 3 new things about the Tyrannosaurus rex. One the first thing I learnt was that the  T-rex is the most kering  dinosaur in the cretaceous.  The 2nd thing I learnt was the Tyrannosaurus rex has three toes laic a bred.  The last thing I learnt was  that the T-rex has hollow bones.