Monday, 16 May 2016

justice Super Hero Poster

Walt: use images to help tell a story.

task desk: I maid a super hero and tall haw he got his pawers.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

justice super hero

Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing.
His hair was as black as space, and was as short as a test tube. His amour is a thick block of uranium. His amour is king tiger. His amour is a invisibill fortress. His armor was as impenetrable as a slab of graphene. His body is as tall as a kauri tree. His was as short as a bush. He is a cement wall.

His invisibility means he is a ghost. Teleportation means he can travel as much as a asteroid. He can transform as much as the evolution of everything.

Task desk: I onle used similes and metaphors on this task so it may not mack.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Book review

may the 4th be with you
happy star wars day! :)

Immersion Assembly Template 2016 year 5 term 2

Walt: recount an event.
Have you ever studied about comics at school defor? Well Team 4 is doing just that this term,It is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to get started (“yes you can”).

The school topic is “as i see it”. Which is all about art. Team 1 is  learning about their favorite things. Hawe dase that have anything to do with art you say? Well, you can sketch your favorite things and draw your favorite things. Team 5 is learning about waka races and I don’t really know how that in voles art so don’t ascke Me. Team 2 was learning about the seasons the seasons can be arte because there are a lot of caler in the seasons.

Team 4’s topic is named ka-paw, Were all of team 4 are doing things to do thith art and writing like comic books. So you want to know what I get out of this topic? Whell I get writing improvement in writing and art. The cave men drew on their wols and it is cold sequential art and it is telling stories with art. The move team 4 maid was good and here is a link to it (THE MOVE)

I want to learn how to draw better and get same more superhero info mayshan. I really love Marvel I want to learn more about them. The main thing I want to do this term is make my own comic.

I thought the Immersion Assembly was awesome. I am so looking forward to the term,let's get this story stated. I can’t wait (“no you can’t”)

Task desc:In this task I wrot a recaunt of the Immersion Assembly. I had to writ 5 paragraphs about the Immersion Assembly with 3-4 sentences in each.