Friday, 24 July 2015


As all of Pt England was walking into the hall they heard Mr Burt’s booming voice saying “who’s got $1,$2,$3…$10 going once, going twice and sold to that guy in the corner.”

Mr Burt said, "I am an auctioneer selling stuff. The reason I am dressed as a auctioneer is because the theme this term is… Trade & Enterpri$e.”

Team 1 was my favourite because I like their movie and also because at the end of the video, they gave all their shopping to one person.

My second favourite Team was Team 4 because they were being  financially responsible. The play was fun.

I am exhausted about this term’s topic Trade & Enterpri$e. WOW, can’t wait.

Friday, 3 July 2015

                  WHAT IS MATARIKI

Matariki is an  important event for nz and is a maori new year.All saw a traditional Celebration

          One Story of the Origins of Matariki

Papatuanuku and Ranginui were Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 09.40.16.pngtogether but their son’s  were not happy.Tanemahuta,Tangaroa,Tumatauenga,Rongomatane,Tumatauenga said we should kill them.On Said Tanemahuta so they all tried but failed then Tanemahuta said let me try i have strong legs so Tanemahuta separated his mother and  father tawhirimatea was so angry that he tore out his eyes and hurled them into the sky and said this is where i  will stay in between my  mother and  father.Know his eyes are the stars.Screenshot 2015-06-24 at 10.17.48.png
          How To See Matariki

You can see Matariki at about 6:30 am in northeast horizon.late may or early june the  
northeast lokes like thisScreenshot 2015-06-26 at 10.53.08.png .

     Maori new year -traditional celebration
  Matariki is the end of harvest and food is plentiful

Justice term 2 writing sempalJustice term 2 writing sempal

         Justice term 2 writing sample

Last week on Friday a man from the school holiday program came to acemale and told as about the holiday program.I think he was Mr Burt’s friend they had free… and fun the man from the school holiday program even haired a base castle slaed.

We laid up room ? to 1  and if you where poaching or pushing you'd have to go back to klase and do your work.We hat to wait for ever bat when it was nele ar tern I sedie to Awathan I am going to slide down normal then I am going  to jump down it was awesome!

WAS that was awesome Kant wait to go again

from school

justice m.m

On a cloudy night the lake was gently lapping agent the bank. In a small clearing in a wood a small boy called Jimmy  was roasting marshmallows.

A monster swam with stealth up out of the lake and crept up behind Jimmy. Jimmy  turned around and saw the monster! It had shiny yellow eyes and green scales.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy  held out his marshmallow on a stick. Instantly the monster transformed into acting like a dog. He shot out his tongue and gobbled up the first marshmallow! The monster stood on his tail and did a ballet twirl and rolled over to get the second  marshmallow.

Jimmy pulled the third and last marshmallow out of the bag and the monster ate it out of his hand.”Oh no” Jimmy thought as he cautiously hold out his hand with the last marshmallow out in it. The monster ate the last marshmallow, slurping it out of Jimmy’s hand.

The crocodile like monster waited expectedly for another marshmallow and then it realized that there was  no more. The monster reverted back into a vicious man eating monster! Jimmy instantly turned and ran but stumbled and fell.

Crawling towards his tent and Jimmy grabbed a  pillow.  He used it laic a shield hapale the monster  grind Jimmy thru the pillow away. Then run away the monster tried to roast the pillow then it incinerated.

justice mario game

Justice Mario Pt 7 from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.