Friday, 24 July 2015


As all of Pt England was walking into the hall they heard Mr Burt’s booming voice saying “who’s got $1,$2,$3…$10 going once, going twice and sold to that guy in the corner.”

Mr Burt said, "I am an auctioneer selling stuff. The reason I am dressed as a auctioneer is because the theme this term is… Trade & Enterpri$e.”

Team 1 was my favourite because I like their movie and also because at the end of the video, they gave all their shopping to one person.

My second favourite Team was Team 4 because they were being  financially responsible. The play was fun.

I am exhausted about this term’s topic Trade & Enterpri$e. WOW, can’t wait.

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  1. Hey Justice! I really like the way you have explained immersion assembly. I'm impressed at how you have used dialogue in your writing. Ka pai! Keep up the awesome work!
    Miss Thompson :)