Friday, 28 September 2018

Move Ya' Body End Of Term

For the last 4 weeks me, Lepa, Deavay, Lyi Sorn, Lehi and King. Practise a new skill we chose to do Kung fu. At some points it was frustrating like when  king was being annoying, witch made Lepa mad, also when lyi Sorn needed to get lots of drinks and go to the bathroom.

On Thursday the 27th of September we preformed are item in front of all of team 5 and team 3 (witch has my little brother in it) I was kind of nerves when it was room 5's tern to preform. When it was room 1's tern to go up group by group. When it was my groups tern to go up on stage we were amazing it, was over quick but it was very good. Lyi Sorn bate us all up.

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