Friday, 31 March 2017

Insect vs Spider

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

In the night in, in the night in the desert. A pack of Raptor spiders are setting up a trap, for any insect that is hungry. The deserts sand is very easy to move into a trench as it soft and dusty. There are only a little bit  of dead plants in this particular area.

It is on Xmas eve… Insectia is hungry and is looking for food the only food in the area was the instantly Insectia went to the food, little did it know that the food was at the end of a Raptor spiders trap. so  as it went  to get the food but is attacked by the puck and is etan.

It was a sud end to the bug … Insectia. It had a good run till it was … eaten. R.I.P Insectia you were a good fen. “Squawar  Squawar Squawar” “what the” sead a Raptor spider it was a bird and. THE END.

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  1. Wow, Army like raptor spiders! What do you mean when you say it is attacked by the puck?