Monday, 9 January 2017

Living with 18 siblings

I don't think that I'd like living with 18 siblings much at all because it would be so crowded and it would be hard to live because there would't be much space. Or  it would be cool to have so many people to look over you so having a big family has good thins and bad things.


  1. Hi Justice!

    That's some good work there. It is also cool to see you editing your own writing. I would prefer a smaller family because having a big one like that makes having quiet time to think nearly impossible. Plus I like my own stuff and I know everyone would always borrow or take what I have in a big family.

    I hope you're enjoying the Summer Learning Journey still!


  2. yes I am Mark it has ben fun.

    1. Hi Justice,

      I am so happy to read that you've enjoyed the Summer Learning Journey. We've really enjoyed blogging with you!!

      Cheers, Rachel and Mark :-)