Sunday, 17 January 2016

going Grandma's house

In the holidays I went to my Grandma's house for 4 days. I pakt my tablet a hat my shoes and same clothes. Then I played on Dads laptop while he took a nape. After he had a nape we had lunch and watch TV then we got in the car and off we go.

In the car I  listen to a Roldal DVD sotri cold The BFG. It was fan it took about 1 hour to finish. After that I looked out the window for half an hour then I played on my tablet.

Me and my Dad stopped at a petil saichan to mete with Jerome and Kerste and their kids. Will we were waiting for them my Dad got as a dreik ech. I had a sip of my ine and sated playing my tablet again. When they got there they boote something as well then we set off again.

On the last little bit of the genre I played on my tablet until we got there. I had fan on the gene  to Grandma's house.

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