Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Narrative Writing First

Screenshot 2016-02-16 at 11.32.43.pngone night a boy and his friends were playing at a graveyard their names were John Michael and Jonathan. The three friends all like the same thing all of a sudden there was an earth cwaik and it was sooo bad that the earth ript opin. They all were so surprised that they fall over two where on one side and one in the athe. When they got up they locked down and there was a terrible river of Lava! In the middle of the river there was a island of stone in the medal of it there was a chest “wot is that?” said john “I don’t know” said Michael and Jonathan at the same “jinks hahahaha”  laugh Jonathan. “Aaaa I think I will try to get it” said john “I don’t think you should do that?” mattered Michel “I don’t cker!” screamed John and japt ene way “noooooooooooooooooooooo” shouted Jonathan. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”road John and then Michel and Jonathan heard a loud thud … … “Aaaa you ok” said Jonathan aaa you ok aaa you ok “Say sumthin John” shouted Michel  Say sumthin John Say sumthin John … “yeah I’m ok” shouted john “where is the eko” wandered Jonathan and Michel yeah I’m ok yeah I’m ok “oh ther it is” said Michel. “I am going to try to open the chest”said John John went to open the chest and when he got to the chest and traid to open it he made it nag he tried again same result he tried wains more and it opened  
just a little bit bat it was rele brait and then he opened and in said of it was a chest plait. John pot the chest plait on and Michel and Jonathan appear next to John and they flew into space. They all wandered where they were and then they flew past a sin that read welcome to planet Volca “well that was convenient” sighd Jonathan. When they got to the ground they were in the forest said of the planet they all thought that it was a nice place so they decided to stay. Or so they though there are many dangers on the planet! TO BE CONTINUED

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