Monday, 21 March 2016

Little Red riding hood - twist

Walt: retell a story
In a galaxy far far away on a swampy planet were Frog’s can toke, a in the swamp there was a tadpole that always wore a black blanket was told to go and give her Brandmar Bole Frog (Bole for short) a dragonfly for diner, the swim was treacherous she had to pause the angle tadpole eating prana’s, the slippery muddy hill and finale she will get there. Bole lived in a haus maid of mad.

She set off to bole’s haus it was a long way away 2h if you just swim, sone she kaim to the  tadpole eating prana’s rd she went in and man it was skre the tadpole eating prana’s swam as fast as they code and snap went there gaws they had tith as big as caving naivs bat they didn't know that Little black tadpole was as hard as a tank so she just swam thru.Not long after she got to the slippery muddy hill that was not as challenging as the last challenge.All she had to do was rigal thru “e na e naaaa” she grond. In 15 min he was 5 min away in that time he met a  fly and the fly said “where are you going little boy” the tadpole replied “I am going to my gran’s house” “Ok” the fly said in a suspicious tone, and the fly went to the house.

When the tadpole got there he went to the bedroom and pote the dragonfly on the bed, Then he said “bole water Small leges you have!” “All the worst to came to you with”  “oh what big eyes you have” “All the better to see you with.” “And why do you have wings?” All the better to cash you with.

Then the fly jump at the dragonfly and eat it. The tadpole was so surprised that the Fly didn't eat him that he fros. Back in the home of the tadpole his dad was getting worried,and he came to help his son and to his surprised they were friends and they lived happily ever after.

It isn't really in a galaxy far far away it is radioactive.
Task Desk:on this task we retold a story,The story was Little red hod.

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