Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Year 5 & 6 camp

JPEG ImageIn the last day and a half I have had lots of fun. I was a little confused in the beginning now I am not so much. In the 1st rotation I had lots of fun, I did same roller skating it was so much fun, I am in the Kind Krushers I thought it was fane because Krush haw is that kind.

This morning we got up very early I was in a dream ween I heard a stupid noise, Then I an "AG AHG AG AHG AG AHG AG AHG AAA." Then I got out of my tent. When I was out of my tent With my ruin cot on I went to the holl.

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  1. Hi Justis it is Stacey here I think u will need to be looking carefully of what you have written and make sure it makes sence It is still a good story but next time you write something and put it on your blog make sure you double check

    From: Stacey