Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 4 #2

Hundreds of years ago, young Māori children were taught to play a number of games, including Poi Rakau, Ki O Rahi, Koruru Taonga and Poi Toa. Read about each of these four games on the Rangatahi tu Rangatira website. Have you played any of them before? Isn’t it cool how the games have been passed down for generations?

Choose one game, and on your blog, tell us the (i) name of the game, (ii) the goal or purpose of the game, and (iii) two rules.


A large team game played between 2 teams, kioma and taniwha on a large circular field. Played for 4 quarters or 2 halves of a set time, teams alternate roles of Kīoma and Taniwha at half or quarter time.
Kīoma score by touching Pou/s with the Kī then running the Kī through Te Roto and placing it down in Pawero to convert pou touches into points. Kīoma stop the other team, Taniwha.
the main gole is to out gole the other teams.

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  1. Hey Justice, thanks for sharing your favourite game with us. Have you played this game at school? It sounds really interesting. I like how you've shared the main goal of the game too.

    What games do you play at school? Have you ever played Tapawai?

    Thanks, Billy