Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey day 5 #2

Follow this Waitangi village link to read about the village of Waitangi.

On your blog, tell us three fun things that you can do as a visitor in Waitangi. Which one would you like to do the most?

 You can visit the Treaty House itself to see a replica of the original treaty, and Marvel at the fully carved Maori meeting house and one of the largest Maori war canoes in the country and watch a film at the visitor centre. Live kapa haka performances are also held regularly.

You can also explore. Take a tour along the Waitangi River or explore the small semi-formal garden that surrounds the Treaty House to the 6 kilometre forest walk that leads to Haruru Falls.


  1. Hey there Justice, thanks for completing a few more activities and happy new year! I hope you are having a safe and relaxing break from school.

    Thanks for sharing some cool things to do in Waitangi. Have you ever been before?

    I love how you have spoken about enjoying looking at some Maori carvings on their meeting houses. It sounds as though you are really willing to explore the culture and learn about the history. Well done!

    Thanks Justice, keep it up!

  2. Hi Justice,
    Which things have you done and what was your favourite?