Monday, 6 August 2018

why should you exercise?

Why should you do exercise? Well in this piece of writing I will tell you three reasons why you should exercise.

Exercise, the thing some people dread and the thing some people love but why should you do it? Well exercise can and probably will change your life. Aerobic exercise is probably the most common exercise all it is, is anything that gets your heart pumping and gets you into a light sweet, from any thing from a light jog (or walk) to intense floor mopping!

Exercise has been scientifically proven to increase the heart and decrease blood pressure. It also decreases  your chances of having a stroke and heart disease. Exercise can also help improve sleep, your mood and even helps decrease stress.
Some people think that exercise is a waste of time and is hard, but that's not true well it’s kinda’ true exercise is not a waste of time but it can be hard. You can start with 5 mins of just a light jog and bring the time up by 5 mins each week. Then once you have 120-150 mins of a light jog each week you can bring it up to a run.

So why should you exercise?  It is not as hard as you think to exercise. Exercise can change your life and fix some heart related sickness. You don’t have to charge right in you can start off small. So why are you sitting here and reading why you should exercise, AND GET OUT THERE!

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