Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Native birds in Tāmaki

Walt: write persuasively.

What kind of native birds do you see around Tāmaki?  I think that having native birds will be good for Tāmki because thay help the environment. They also bring native bugs.

I think that we need the. Tui because thay are brity, and sing very well. And thay spread seeds. So it will be good for one and all.

We need the kiwi in Tāmaki. The Kiwi is endangered so it would be good if it was in tāmaki. They also spread the spread seeds so there is more spread around trees.

I think that we need les Pigeons In Tāmaki. Because Pigeons are boring and they eat the food that the native birds eat. Also we see them all the time, they are also pests.

One I want to see more cool native birds and les non native birds. More people would come to Tāmaki to see them and it will stop them from becoming extinct. They also look good.

Task description: we lerned about birds last week and now we are writing about them and way we want more of them.

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  1. I love native birds too. It would be amazing if there were heaps of tui in Taamaki. Pigeons are totally not native and are called flying rats by some people. xx