Tuesday, 9 January 2018

summer learning journey week 2 day 3 #2

Imagine that you were alive in the 1930s. What could you have done to help these families? On your blog, list three different ways that you could raise funds for families to help them buy food and clothing. Be as creative as you can with your fundraising ideas!

to help the people that have no job as a kid I can draw a cool picture and say that is was my brothers and sell it, or go to peoples homes and just ask them for some money, and finally I can get a job I guess. why not?

(P.S I don't want to do activity #1 because I don't feel comfortable with sharing that info to every one OK.) :)?

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  1. Hi Justice!

    My name is Ellee, I am another part of the Summer Learning Journey Crew that is commenting on your blogs this summer.

    Hope you have had a great break from school?
    Looks like you are doing a great job with your blogging!

    It's okay if you don't want to do activity one, you have done the right thing just moving to the next activity :)

    I really like your ideas for fundraising, I am curious why you would put your brothers name on the art instead of yours? I think it would be cool if people knew it was a Justice original! - What would you draw/what do you like to draw?

    It's okay that you don't have a job yet, I think I didn't get my first job until I was year 8, I used to weed-eat and mow my neighbours lawns :) I think this is a really great way to make money during the summer because the grass grows so quick! (but you might need your own gear so that can be tricky!)

    Keep up the awesome work Justice!
    Ellee :)