Friday, 1 July 2016


In the year 2300 a man named jeff was in his garage working on his latest  experiment………………………. But it went horribly wrong aaaaaand kabooooom ita balo up his  1/2 of fays and most of his body (this was because he forgot to carry the 7 (in 11425472654837)  so yey) . After that he made a robot thing for him and now he's a cyborg. A cyborg that has the  most antec tek in the galaxy.

Jeff is now superhero that has tan skin and polished armor that can only be destroyed by a  pasma ray = 1mil Atomic bombs ish = 100 bil tans of TNT ish. While jeff was walking out of his garage a man a suspicious man approached him and said “do you want to came with me to my home and took about a job as a bodyguard or a superhero???” “hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Well I don’t now I have a good self employed job all ready I’ll think  about it okay no hard feelings” Jeff smirked as he walked on to his own srplay shop “I will get you on board I will” “haga…. mey”. 1h laytor “maybe I will be a super… “ “ did I here rayt you want to be a superhero… Yes “ “ya so you da guy that's gonna get me a job?” “ YES yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!!” and so Mr G-man took jeff AKA M.C.A (Mega Cyborg Agent) to ‘his home‘ it isn't his home it’s a super villain bays. Mr G-man took M.C.A presenter 2h later he escaped a plasma prayed Mr G-man ZZZZZZZZZZT KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr G-man was defeated faster than I thought and he was a superhero the end

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