Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Super monkey gets eaten by a whale

Super monkey wears a red cape and can throw super fast was on his woke in the Forest. In the middle of his walk he sore a large river. In the river he saw a whale's back, he decided to throw a dart at it.

That maid the whale angry and  it swallowed him whole. In the whale it was not pleasant there was skeleton's ever were and stomach acid river with a out lain, There was also another monkey’s in there as wele they said that there were balloons in the whale. That was not good for the monkey’s the balloons hated the monkey’s and the only way out was to bete them in a game of B.T.D Super monkey said no problem. But it was a problem they were led balloons.

They said you can pop them can't you, aaa yes said Super monkey. Let's do this announced Super monkey and pressed start. The first wave was ese for Super monkey it was only red balloons. This round won’t be so easy a bunch of Ceramics are going to smash thru your defenses and pretty much make you lose said the balloons, Super monkey was upgraded to Teknecal Tera and said I Don't think so and pressed start!

In the wave 20 Ceramic balloons came from the brain and were destroyed. Arg scemd the balloon, you won't win these blimps will do the trick. Ok said Super monkey/ Teknecal Tera we'll see about that.Let’s do… this… said Teknecal Tera and press start, 5 blimps came to the field and the dart monkey’s used their abilities to try and destroy it. It was ese. Then they got blasted out of the whale.  


Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

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