Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper Towers

Walt: write a recount about our experience

Have you made a skyscraper out of newspaper? Well today my class did that very thing. It was so fun.You should try it.

Mr goodwin said the instructions then I started to get ideas down instantly. Me and my friend planned and got some ideas, then we got called out. When we were told to get into groups of 5-7 my friends and me were in the same group. The group was me, Deavay, Awathan, hopa and lepa,. I was very excited.

Deavay was the drawer and I think personally that I gave the most info. Mr goodwin gave us a pees of paper to wit what you thot. I thot that we should have a tower that had sheets of paper sticking out of the sids, Deavay thought that it should be a tower that was like a toob. We went with Deavay’s idea. It was better.

We built a tower that was a  big toob that had supports. World up newspaper into long thin pipe and stack them together, if it was leaning we would fix it.The tower was 1.12m tall and 0.3m long. I had lots of fun, and I got deter at building and teamwork.

I learnt that you can build a tower out of newspaper. That teamwork  is the best work. My team won and Chas’s group came 2nd and Daisy’s group came 3rd. and I would do nothing differently.

Task description: this is a recount of newspaper towers.

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  1. Hi Justice

    I really like your blog post about your news paper towers. Who was in your group and why were you doing newspaper towers