Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race

WALT: To wright a fecunt
Have you  had a race before? Well Mr Goodwin made us race today, It was boring. ……

First we put aware chrome books on a table. Then we lined up and put aware shoes on, after that we wracked to the field. I was the most boring thing I did.

Now Mr Goodwin told us the instructions. The instructions were to run to the goalpost and buck then sit down. I thot it was a sick joke (blaaaaaaaaaaaaarg) . I was going to sit on this crack that was in the ground to my bum did not get wet.

We ran it was suuuuper boring. I ran as fast as I could the Deavay was right beside me then I passed him, I got to the post then turned around I when I got back I was exhausted.

Finale we got a drink it was the best. It felt like I had a father fall in my mouth. The we went back to class. It was actually fun. but I will never do that a gen.

Task description: To wight a recount of us rung in on the filed. Then we came in to the class and did some work. it was boring.

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