Sunday, 22 January 2017

geting a job at 12

I would not like to live in the year 1901 that much because I would not know as much as if it was today. The job could be hard for a 12 year old but if you were in the now you can almost go to school for as long as you like and get a good job.

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  1. Hi Justice,

    You are right - we are very lucky to live in an age when we can go to school for many years, receive a good education and earn the right to have a good job. I am so grateful that we live in 2017 and not 1901 as I would have never been able to go to university and complete a PhD if I was growing up in the early 20th century. It's amazing how far we have come!

    I hope that you continue to enjoy school and, ultimately, find a job that you really like! What do you want to be when you finish school? Do you have any ideas?

    Rachel :)