Monday, 9 January 2017

About my family

I have two families. In my Dad's family there are seven people. I have one real brother, one step brother and two step sisters. Paul is my Dad and Jody is my step Mum. My brothers and sisters names are Roman, Abbey, Corbin, and Courtney.  
In my Mum's family there are seven people. I have one real brother, two step brothers and one step sister. Jayne is my Mum and Calum is my step Dad. My siblings are named Roman, Toran, Kauri and Bethan.  
There are seven people in my Mum's family and seven people in my Dad's family but there are twelve people in my whole family. Can you explain why? Please post a comment.
This is my Mum's family.

My Mum drew this diagram of my whole family.


  1. Hi Justice! Wow what an interesting family! I also have two families.

    My family looks like this.

    Mum + John (my step-dad)
    Me (31)
    Sarah (30) - lives in England with her husband and is having a baby! (I'm going to be an uncle!)
    Ben (28) - lives in Berlin
    Luke (22)
    Jonathan (22) (step-brother)

    Dad (passed away) + Sharon (step-mum)
    Sophia (15) (my half-sister)

    Everyone else lives in Auckland. My step-mum is Korean, making my half sister half Korean. Including me, that side of the family lived in Korea for a few years till my dad passed away, then we all came home to NZ.

    It is interesting how families work these days. I hope you all get along really well!


  2. Hi Justice

    What a beautiful photo of your family! It's great to see that you are blogging over the summer holidays. I might have to check out your other posts to see what you have been up to. Keep up the great work.