Sunday, 8 January 2017

my air line is called NZ air.
 It has a blue back ground and clouds to show that it is in the sky. the cubes if you put them together in order like this it will say       NZ air. (copyright)  


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  2. Hi Justice I like the way that the word Air is split in to two boxes and can go together to make the full word. The clouds are very effective in covering up some of the boxes. What destinations would NZ Air fly to? Good luck with starting your Airline ;-) . What are your next steps going to be?

  3. Hi Justice!

    I think this is an excellent logo too. And i can tell you made it 100% by yourself. You are very good with computers aren't you.

    I like how the r is by itself too, but mainly because it makes me think of the most common sound a pirate makes. Arrrrrr you ready to fly NZ AiRRRRRRRRR?

    Red and black is a really strong colour combination too.

    I'm kind of thinking similar to Mr Winter, and wondering what makes your airline so special. Is it something to do with your planes? Service? Price?

    Keep up the great work... I always say that. I'll figure out something different for next time haha!